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always nice. [ 08:36am 18Nov ]

i shouldve known that getting my period usually coincides with me getting a cold during this time of year.
*thumbs up*

d'oh!! [ 08:54am 22Sep ]

made a mistake in details about birmingham women's group first meet-up date.
should have put friday 24th september, but put october instead. woops! so, we're meeting this friday, 7pm onwards in bennett's on bennett's hill, brum. hope to see you there!

Check It [ 05:46am 19Sep ]

bleedingvagina: A Place For Females To Vent/Rant When They're PMSing.

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New to this place [ 12:58pm 14Aug ]

[ mood | blah ]

Hello, I'm Tori. I was looking around for a place like this. I'm fucken happy that i found one, cause i hate that time of the month. Well back to me, I'm 16, i live in southern cali. I play guitar, and do vocals for my band called Fallen Alliance. I also surf, nothing like getting my ass beat to a pulp from mother nature. So yeah thats it.


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boast [ 10:24pm 13Aug ]

i'm so totally proud of myself. i'm jake, the one exceptional boy like in the community info. anyways, i wore a skirt to chico, my neighboring city, the other day. awesome awesome. i don't really know what i'm trying to do with this skirt thing, whether i just want it to not matter what piece of cloth i chose to wear, skirt, pants, or i don't know. the overall factor is that i just wanted to wear a skirt, so fuck it. it's not like anything anyone does is even revolutionary anyways, so why not just try to rack up some more equality points, go genders! what's everyone got to say to that!? either way, i don't care, i'm proud proud proud, brag brag brag, boast boast boast.

oh yeah, don't even bother reading my journal, i just had to make a new one and it sucks. love girls! carry tampons! babys are rad!

-love jake

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you know, you know... [ 10:27am 02Aug ]

saturday was the worst day of my period. the second day is always the peak day.
saturday being that day, i couldnt wait to leave the house. it was hot and i dont have any air conditioning. by the time i got to my boyfriends (20 minute drive), my back felt fine and nice and warmy.

then yesterday, i was watching six feet under. david wasnt feeling well from a panic attack earlier, had called keith, and told him to tell his security buddies that "your wife is a bitch because shes on the rag." *click* (something like that).
that was great.
go bitchy men and menstrating women.

Question.. [ 11:28am 15Jun ]

Anyone here ever had a Colposcopy before?

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newwww. [ 07:32pm 17May ]

[ mood | curious ]

Yea, I'm new, my name's Aimee and I'm 14. Ah yes, the ever so infamous boy trouble. I've only had one boyfriend and that was a terrible time. Living in a small town doesn't give you many choices, until last November. Hot new kid starts hanging with my friends and I. I only thought he was cute then, but grew to find him being nice, sweet, and extremly funny. He came to my birthday party last friday and I never got the balls to say anything until then, but blew the chance. Today, however, I did. After I told him I liked him he had this certain look in his face, and was smiling. Did I do the right thing? I can't do nothing but EAT thinking of me making a fool of myself, when he didn't laugh when I told him. Man I wish I could read minds!!!!! <3

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[ 01:44pm 04Apr ]

i just wanted to let you girls know
that mood swings and the like
have NOTHING to do with periods.
any mood swings that you might get while on the rag
is all in your head. it has nothing to do with the chemistry and such.
so stop stressing about perioud time coming.
take it on with strength and just think you know youre gonna get through it.
and look at it as just a part of life, cause well it is.
and i know the cramps hurt bad, and it can put you in a bad mood.
eat some healthy raw food. and lay down, and smoke a few joints while listening to some music. and just wait it out. us girls, should be strong. not complaining all day long. theres more to us than periods and sensitive feelings

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So....basically i'm fucked. [ 01:54pm 01Apr ]

Is it bad that have PMS three weeks out of the month?

Either that, Or i'm bipolar. Or Bipolar is a form of PMS. I'm screwed.

I feel bad for my boyfriend.

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[ 09:32am 23Mar ]

everything is going wrong.

i feel awful.
im pmsing.
i got an F on a test.
i still love my x-boyfriend and he's all mad at me.
plus he's like the only friend i have.

oh AND my roomate has been throwing up, and i just got over being sick for like forever.

i dont have any female friends.

im ugly.

lets argue about who hurts worse.

i just dont know who to talk to or what to do

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[ 03:59pm 10Mar ]

ever poop at school?

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[ 10:46pm 16Feb ]

so latlye ive been having greta luck iwth getting guys but bad luck on the kinds of guys that i have been attracting. im at the pointin my life wher i wnat to meet the right person for me that i ca be happy with the rest of my life, i gues sim nto goign ot the rigth places ot meet guys these days. could anyone help on where to meet great guys at? i appricate it totally.

oh the agony! [ 09:52am 16Feb ]

yesterday, i was waiting for my period to start. checking every so often. it was terrible. that and i was at my boyfriends. i didnt bring my purse either because i didnt think itd start last night. then i forgot that i left my backpack at home which has a pad. so i didnt know what to. so i just made a makeshift one and told my boyfriend i had started.
i went to my jeep and realized my backapck was at home, went back inside and told my boyfriend i left my backpack at home. i wanted to stay for an extra hour. so he made a better pad for me. it was funny. i wasnt going to ask his mom and didnt want him to because i dont really like her. that and she was asking me questions about what i was doing and making this weird face like i had some secret that i wanted to confide with her. like having my period. good thing was that it was just very little spotting.

today though i felt like i was going to throw up and i was hoping i wouldnt. i dont feel like that anymore but i have cramps but dont have any aspirin...
this sucks. i hate my teachers for having class mandatory and very much a part of the final grade. i wish spring was now so i can just sleep. man, all i want to do is sleep...i have about 2 hours after my next class so maybe ill sleep in a cubie. *feels content now*

[ 02:16am 07Feb ]

Argh. I don't know how to make a cord. I also don't know how to sleep.

And I've got a meeting at 10:00 in the morning for Weight Watchers. That means my mother will come get me at 9:15 to take us there to weigh in. That means I have to be dressed by 9:00 'cause she's always early. That means I have to get up at 7:00 to be dressed by 9:00. Which means if I had gone to bed 10 minutes ago I'd still only get 5 hours of sleep.


On top of the sleep problems, I am cramping and have been all god damn day. Since I woke up. Constant. Fucking. Pain.

I took two Vanguish at 9. 4 off brand things at 11:58. 1 more vanguish at 1:03. 3 vanguish at 4:17. 1 vanguish at 6:32. 3 more at 9:48. And I just took two more at 2:07. Overdose anyone? I didn't even think about it until just now....

That's...12 Vanguish and 4 of these other pills between 9 this morning and now. And I'm STILL fucking cramping.

You'd think that doctors would feel sorry for me and give me some REAL pain killers, but they don't, 'cause they can't find anything wrong. See, what they don't know is the cramp monsters hide when they(the doctors) go mining for gold. Then when it's 'that time' the cramp monsters all have like a billion kids and they run around punching holes in my uterus and using my fallopian tubes as water slides.

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[ 11:09am 24Jan ]

[ mood | confused ]

hey girls...no one posts in here very often anymore and i dont know if many people even read this anymore, but your help would be greatly appreciated...

i have been on the pill for over a year now, and for about a year my period has been very normal, as in occuring on just about the same day every month. this month, i got it at the normal time (about two weeks ago), but now it has come back. this hasnt happened to me EVER (two periods in one month) let alone while ive been on the pill! and i have no idea what is going on.

if any of you know anything, itd be greatly appreciated if you commented and filled me in. thanks a bunch!

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almost over [ 12:16am 24Jan ]

i got my period on tuesday and its slowly dying down.

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[ 08:03pm 05Jan ]

[ mood | sore ]

i started my period this morning. 1st day back at skool. i hate having my period at skool! i had cramps all day (and still do).

i hate being a girl sometimes!!!!

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damn this! [ 01:47pm 04Jan ]
[ mood | in pain ]

i started last night,
just 13 days after i ended last.
the soonest i have ever started.

all i know is that my cramps are killing me,
&what's even worse is school starts up again tomorrow to make matters worse...


zombie in the sun [ 01:19pm 23Dec ]

i got my period too!
but i was waiting for it, just hoping itd start so itd soon be over.
i dont really care about x-mas now because i feel like crap.
i have a cold, ive been irritated for the past 2 weeks about stupid small things, upsetting my boyfriend, and just dealing with stress i have.
having my period is just a consolation because i know itll be done in 4-7 days unlike the other things that unfold over time and are driving me insane.

[ 09:55am 23Dec ]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Oh no! I was regretting this. It came this morning & what a horrible time! I hoped & prayed it would come ANYTIME BUT CHRISTMAS! But of course, convenience was never its forte. & tonight I have to go with Jon to his grandparents for Christmas. I wanted it to be perfect. :/


cravings-- [ 02:22pm 18Dec ]

[ mood | crappy ]

Hello all!

For the past few days, I've been suffering. Major stabbing cramps, nausea-- its the worst period I've ever had. Even worse, I've been getting it twice a month for the last three months. I don't know what to do. I certainly don't want to see a gynecologist. *sigh*

Anyways, the point of this post is to see if anyone else gets cravings. I've been eating cupcakes and spaghetti, which is what I usually long for when I'm in this state. What, if any, are yours?

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:'( [ 05:53pm 07Dec ]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i know girls over react and all their emotions are intensified so much before their period, while they're on it, etc....
but i am really sick of crying for no reason
and ruining a perfectly good night due to my emotions.

last night all i did was either;
a. ignore anyone who talked to me & answered only in sholder shurgs
b. answer people like they were a fucking moron
c. lay on my boyfriends bed crying
& the worst d. make my boyfriend cry because he was afraid he had done something wrong because i couldn't answer him as to why i was crying

i've told myself time and time again that next time i am not going to let it get me so worked up,
but it never works out like that.
i always end up crying my eyes out,
which ends in my boyfriend crying
and is just not fun.

what do you guys do about this?
if anything at all...
cuz i hate it
and need to stop.

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[ 07:07pm 03Dec ]
[ mood | anxious ]

anytime now...

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out of all the weeks, turkey week. [ 01:50pm 24Nov ]

i had this gut feeling after getting out of class that i got my period and sure enough, i was right.
then i got irritated because that explains 2 pimples that i have and i wished that i wouldnt get my period and it happened *shakes fist*
and im sick. its always a double whammy for me when i have a cold and a period at the same time. gah!

and i have to deal with my boyfriends insane mom and crazy brother >_< i hope i survive this week without bitching at anyone, especially my boyfriend because hes so nice to me :/

[ 12:56am 24Nov ]

Okay...so I'm wondering if this is normal or not.

I mean, I can't really ask it how I'd like to, but oh well....

A few years ago...when I was 15....I had a bad incident occur. I'd rather not talk about it. I'm pretty much 'over' it, meaning that I've got a normal life again.

However, always around this time of the month it seems like I'm weaker to having flashbacks of it all happening again and I have nightmares and such.

Is this normal? I mean, could the whole change in hormones cause it?

I don't know.

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[ 01:21pm 23Nov ]


Stupid period!

I HATE whenever I wake up because of cramps. It's such complete bullshit.

They should be NICE and be like "Sheilah is sleeping, let's wait a few more hours." but nooooooo, damn cunt suckers are all bitchy and instead say "MUHAHAHAHA the stupid uterus is at rest! Let's stab it with sticks and jump up and down on it and user her fallopian tubes to slingshot ourselves into the walls of it!!!"


Oh yeah...I'm new.

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the wrath. [ 09:58am 29Oct ]

so i got my period last night in the last hour of work. and the surprising thing was how light it was, at the time.

it was like 4.50-5.20 when i woke up sweaty and had killer cramps. so i went to the bathroom just to sit there, went back to bed but they wouldnt go away, of course. i decided to go to the kitchen to take some pills but i had to eat something before i did that.
after thinking about it, i ended up throwing up in the bathroom. heh. i woke up my mom and she was like "what happened?"...usually i tell her i get my period and vice versa and thats that. i didnt this time because of how unusually light it was. she made some tea for me.
at the time, it was too hot so she went back in the kitchen and i heard some sloshing around and she came back.
i tried the tea and it kind of tasted like my vomit but sweeter :/ but i finished it. tried to go back to sleep but i couldnt so i went back into the kitchen where my mom was and asked for some aspirin and she wouldnt give me any because of my stomach.
its not that i was sick. i know that when i get really bad cramps, sometimes i throw up and i feel all better (i even get hungry afterwards). so i was pouting about that. didnt matter that i had tea, i needed some drugs just to go to sleep.
she finally gave me some and said dont go to school.
but i had reasons to go. i did call my choir director though to say i wasnt going to make it but id be there on friday (mwf class)...so yeah.
i wish i could blow the day off-thatd be fucking great since i have to go to work anyway. alone since my bro wont be there :/

i wish i didnt have my period because of halloween weekend and i wish that the throwing up part didnt happen until a more convienent time :P
i ate 2 pieces of pumpkin pie and im still hungry.

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grrrrr [ 02:41pm 24Oct ]

[ mood | crampy ]

dang it. i hate getting my period right when i'm going to have a great night of drinking with my male pals. it's just no fun being half drunk trying to change a pad or tampon. no fun AT ALL!!!
and also, does anyone else have this problem: the day before i start or around that time i always have stomach problems. not like cramps, but like sick stomach problems which usually lead to diareah. yeah, i know, gross, but hey, were talking about our menstrual cycles too here!! :)
*please excuse my awful spelling. i try, really i do....*

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[ 07:54pm 23Oct ]
[ mood | curious ]

i was supposed to start yesterday.
but about a week ago i had spotting for a day...
was that it?
or no?
that's never happened before.
but i am very pmsy like always before...
so i'm confused.
and i gunna start soon, or was the spotting it?
any comments would be great.

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[ 03:08pm 22Jun ]
[ mood | sick ]

ew. cramps. blood.

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the suspense [ 01:57am 01Oct ]

since saturday, i felt that my period was coming soon. i scared boyfriend by saying "i think i have my period". what was cute was that he asked why and whatnot. i really appreciate that he doesnt freak like some guys would and has interest in the workings of the female body. but anyway, i got it today. didnt have anything not even 25 cents. i did have a dollar but there wasnt a change machine in the library so i went into the student center and went to the credit union. i put $25 in my checking acct but yeah - got my change and got 2 lame pads. somewhat bummed because this is my boyfriends birthday weekend and as of the last few days, i havent been moody and am wondering if i will be then :/

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ADVICE! [ 05:55pm 29Sep ]
[ mood | full ]

Well, I'm stupid because I've been slacking off on the birth control a little. For the last week or so, I would forget to take my pill one day, so I took two the next day, forget to take one the next day, so take another two the next day.

My prize for being so brilliant? SPOTTING, all week. NO FUN.

It hasn't been that bad because it's only a little, but as advice to new birth control users & users to come: TAKE YOUR PILL EVERYDAY. It's just so much more CONVENIENT that way.


god i love this community [ 12:21am 29Sep ]
[ mood | awake ]

um i love my period.
nothing like the feeling of blood coming out of between my legs.

i swear in my next life i'm being male.. a goodlooking male.
the kind that has no problems in his life except if he should play hockey or stick with his band with more practive & if he should bang the cute girl flirting with him or keep her for a while because she might be a good girlfriend.

bah. my knees hurt.

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[ 06:51pm 27Sep ]

ok so the doctors appointment went very well.

my appointment was at 3:40 and we were in the waiting room until about 4:05. then i got called back and the nurse weighed me, took my temp and blood pressure and took me 2 the room. my mom came with me just so i wouldnt be bored waiting in the room. well it got 2 be 4:25 and we had places 2 go, so my mom went 2 complain and said we had 2 go. (my mom is notorious 4 walking out of the doctors office cuz they took so long) so my doc came in and said ok do u like the kind ur on? how is it working 4 u? etc etc, wrote me a new prescription 4 a years supply, my mom went 2 the pharmacy 2 get it and my doc then asked me if i had changed partners, if i was still using it 4 birth control, and had me pee in a cup. and that was all cuz we were rushed 4 time. it was wonderful!

but 2 those who asked me 2 tell them how the exam goes, im sorry that i couldnt provide that info 4 u...:\

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[ 04:09pm 26Sep ]

period is here. & and i stuck with serious major cramps. :( this sucks.

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wish me luck! [ 09:10pm 22Sep ]

[ mood | nervous ]

i hafta go 2 the doctors on friday. like 4 an exam type thing. im SO nervous, cuz i didnt hafta get this when i 1st got my birth control pills but in order 2 get my prescription refilled again, i hafta go. i dont kno what 2 expect, i just kno im nervous as hell!!

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bah [ 01:40pm 21Sep ]
hm it would be nice if the cute, nice guys that found me attractive lived out by me instead of hours away.
yepp i would be a lot happier then.

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new and pissy.. :\ [ 05:54pm 18Sep ]

[ mood | pissy ]

I just wanted to introduce myself..Hi everyone. My names Shawna..I'm old..gahh 23 and I go to Indiana University..whee..anyways..

It is the wonderful week of the month for me and I am currently annoyed with the fact that I am over emotional and crampy.
Does anyone else notice huge changes in how thier digestive system functions when you are on your period?
Just wondering b/c my tummy and intestines get all funky with me and it continually pisses me off.. Suggestions? Hints? HELP?


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skipping the green [ 08:10pm 13Sep ]

[ mood | curious ]

okay, i've read that you can skip the green pills of the birth control set, so you don't get your period.

here's my situation: i'm going to college on monday. my period is to start on sunday, making monday the shittiest day. basically, all week we have these "fun" events planned. i don't really want to move in being pissed that i have my period....so

i was thinking i should just skip the green, and start the new pack. have any of you done this? did you regret it later on? because i don't really want spotting or whatever when i'm not ready for it.

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blahhh [ 06:46pm 11Sep ]
[ mood | hopeful ]

so i'll be at my boyfriends tomorrow from 1-11,
basically home alone.
if i start my period tomorrow i will be purrdy upset.
but hey, what can you do?

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hi [ 08:32am 08Sep ]

I have a livejournal for maybe 20 minutes now and this is the first community I joined. I am sure you all feel very honoured. ;)
My name is Sanne and I am 14 years old. I'm from the Netherlands and currently not having my period.. so I'll shut up now..

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[ 09:59am 05Sep ]

[ mood | drained ]

my stomach hurt that i couldn't eat...my back hurt that i couldn't move worth shit...and i had a 100 degree fever last night...

all of this cause i'm starting my period in a couple of days! anybody else get horrible symptoms like these before they start?

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top ten warning signs your date is a date rapist [ 06:04pm 03Sep ]

[ mood | rachel's ditzy roommates voice ]

10. He is constantly trying to date- rape you
9. When someone shouts "Hey, Date Rapist" in the bar, he starts to turn around, but then nonchalantly tries to turn it into a yawn
8. The back doors of his cars have no handles on the inside, and it's not a police car
7. He mentions how he finds it really hot when chicks pass out
6. He is very rich due to his beig heir to the Max Factor fortune
5. You discover video tapes of him having sex with you, passed out, and your shirt in the video is the same one you wore on that night when you got date raped
4. She likes breaking stereotypes
3. He askes you to wear handcuffs during sex, only he doesn't really ask you, and you never agreed to have sex
2. About to give you a drink, then shouts "Look over there! Away from my hands or pockets!"
1. He carries pills in his pocket, but when you ask him what they are for, he says something that sounds like "raping you," then stammers a lot and finally ends saying something feeble and unconvincing

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the red baron strikes again! [ 10:21am 03Sep ]

i think its symbolic. im wearing my red blouse and red tennis shoes...
then, before spanish, theres faint blood.
boy i was saved.
*praises memory* :P

[ 06:19am 31Aug ]

[ mood | pissed off ]

i was making out with a hot guy tonight and i couldn't do anything because i was on my fucking period!!!!!


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[ 05:25pm 30Aug ]

[ mood | happy ]

um my boobs grew a little bit this summer.
the end.

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[ 02:29pm 29Aug ]

[ mood | bitchy ]



[ 03:05pm 26Aug ]

[ mood | sore ]

my boobs hurt :(


eww [ 04:34pm 21Aug ]
[ mood | annoyed ]

so how bout when you think yer period is done and yer all happy...
but then it sneaks up on you again.
i hate that.

but i hate cardboard tampons so much more.
it's all about the plastic!

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